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Teachable moments, student visibility, real-time alerts, and automated reporting on all device types, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady, and Printers in a solution that is as simple as a light switch. Our Unified Digital Integration Platform, AristotleK12, emphasizes helping educators create teachable moments and promote digital citizenship, while also maximizing engagement with students. As the price value leader for K12 environments, AristotleK12 is focused on cutting costs, promoting creativity, and enhancing accountability - all while ensuring student’s online safety and going above and beyond CIPA’s filtering requirements. To learn more about how AristotleK12 can help you overcome the challenges of today’s educational technology environment, select a time to tour the system or call us today at 1-866-748-5227.

AristotleK12 | As Simple as a Light Switch

"We love the product and this is easily the best purchase we have ever made."

Cory Cantu
IT Director
Springfield Local Schools

"I have looked at several other products in this space. They all seem fine, but my best experience has been with AristotleK12. Simple pricing, professional interactions with both sales and support. If you are looking for thorough reporting of what your endpoints are typing, looking at, browsing, opening, etc, this is the solution for you."

John Knierim
IT Director
St. Joseph School

"We have used AristotleK12 for a few years now. The support is great and I am always impressed by the service that I receive from the team at Sergeant Labs. They are always working diligently to solve issues and keep the solution updated!"

Andrew Lierman
Computer/Network Support Technician
School District of Altoona

"At my previous school district, we used AristotleK12 for years and they still use it. Support is great and they are continually improving and adding features requested by admins and teachers. We have a similar blend of PCs, Apple & Chromebook devices, and feature needs here, so it was the first thing I added to my new budget!"

Nathan Papendorf
Tech Specialist
Marion School District

"We've been using AristotleK12 for a number of years and continue to use it on our Chromebooks. Classroom management has been very good with lots of functionality. Teachers appreciate the ease of use and that we've integrated it into Google Classroom for class lists. Support is also top notch."

Chad Konsela
Network Admin
St. Croix Central School District

"In every district we always demoed at least three different products. The real differentiator was Aristotle’s flexibility. If there wasn't already a report that we needed, they would make it. I knew their support was going to be great. And when spending taxpayer dollars, cost is always a top consideration; they always came in at a lower price than the next guy."

Robert Sexton
Director of Technology
Olentangy Local School District

Manage Your Classroom How You Choose

Borderless Classroom Removes Physical Barriers

Modern technologies remove barriers of distance and locality for today's students. Borderless Classroom is integrated into every AristotleK12 system to support school district's needs for remote learning.

Keeping the Educator in Control

K12 educators have continuously developed skills in order to better manage and organize their classrooms. These skills are nearly impossible to utilize with an online environment. This can be additionally challenging when trying to remain both COPPA and FERPA compliant.

AristotleK12 has integrated new intuitive features into Borderless Classroom to enable educators to continue to manage their classes how they choose and keep their students safe. With the newest features in AristotleK12, educators will have the ability to:

  • Share live video with students
  • Utilize audio capabilities to teach a lesson
  • Share their screen with a class
  • Have 1:1 check-ins with students during class

Maintain Student Focus

Maintain complete control over technology in your classroom with an intuitive interface and the tools you need most.

  • Real-time viewing of student screens
  • Complete browser tab control
  • Lock-down student devices for testing

Interact with Students

Ensure student success with the ability to help individual students discretely and engage the whole class easily:

  • Chat 1 to 1 or send messages to the class
  • Share your screen to student devices
  • Open web pages for students

Answer Questions

Automated reporting features within AristotleK12 ensure you have answers to your most pressing questions:

  • Receive automatic class attendance records
  • Email activity summaries to parents
  • Generate individual activity summary reports

Ensure Student Safety

Maintain order and safety in the classroom with AristotleK12’s robust filtering and alerting functionality:

  • Block or allow websites needed for class
  • Create real-time alerts of dangerous behavior
  • Automatically highlight off-task students

Student-Centric Filtering

Meet the Needs of Every Student

Go above and beyond CIPA requirements by filtering internet content on all device types with AristotleK12's Student-Centric Content Filter. The unique design allows the filter to be deployed with little configuration and Granular Content Filtering options allow you the customization needed to meet the needs of every student. Specify settings based off of:

  • Groups
  • Org Units
  • Time of Day
  • Grade Level
  • Class Period
  • Location

A "one size fits all" filter is no longer a viable option for schools. There are simply too many cases where a potentially dangerous search term can have a justified explanation or curious students are exploring things they should be able to learn about.

AristotleK12's robust web filter allows for extremely granular configuration for:

Top-Level Domains

Manage & Report on Your Assets

  • Summaries & Overviews

    High-level overviews provide the answers admins & school boards need to make decisions

  • Utilization Reporting

    See how your assets are being used, by who, and how often to answer your IT questions

  • Device Tracking & Geolocation

    Find lost or stolen devices to cut replacement costs and create teachable moments

  • Asset Inventory

    Track all of your hardware and software assets for year-end audits and spending analysis

Protect What Matters

Analyze Student Behavior

With AristotleK12 you can determine how students choose to spend their time using technology. See what apps and devices are being used, what websites are being visited, and how much time students are spending on technology.

Report on Student Behavior

Detailed and easy to understand reporting allows you to provide stakeholders with the information they need to make important technology decisions. Automatically send and export daily, weekly, or monthly reports to administrators, educators, board members, and parents.

Alert on Student Behavior

Real-time alerts notify the proper staff members of inappropriate or unsafe student behavior allowing for quick intervention. Create teachable moments from inappropriate behavior to help mold the next generation of strong digital citizens.

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Who Are We?

For over 20 years, Sergeant Laboratories has built meaningful software that provides straightforward answers to pressing K12 technology questions. Our flagship product, AristotleK12, has been widely adopted by school districts across the country. We have developed an agile design model that allows us to react rapidly to feedback from customers. Our years of experience combined with extensive input from educators enables us to provide a practical solution that just works and is used everyday.

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